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** Private League

Until 0 minutes before the start of a mach a player can save his bets. The time will be checked on our server (current server time: 5:55 PM).

The final result is evaluated no matter if 90 minutes, 120 minutes or penalty shootout.

If the points are equal the bets will be compared. First the bets which are exact. The player with more exact bets will be placed before the other player. If the exact bets are equal the bets with correct goal difference will be compared, then the bets with the correct winner. If all three comparisons are equal both players share the same place.

Scoring System: Exact tip/prediction: 4 Points, Goal difference tip/prediction: 3 Points, Winner tip/prediction (tendency): 2 Points.

A matchday winner is evaluated and is highlighted in the tipping table. The player with the most points on the matchday becomes the winner of the match day. If there are several players with the same number of points, the following rule applies: The matchday victory is shared.

Relagation matchday tipping enabled.

All bets are hidden until the deadline is reached.

Female WorldCup 2023 - Rules: